Cooperation, in the face of disasters

Given our recent history of storms in the country, it would definitely be wrong to assume that future ones would be any less powerful in the future from a purely natural standpoint. It is clear, however, that the amount of destruction that these will cause can be substantially reduced, in terms of both properties and lives. While the former will be more feasible in the long run when relocation can be done to avoid disaster-prone areas, the solution to the latter comes in the form of greater preparedness, prior to the next big one

I was thus happy to find out, through our work in La Liga Policy Institute (details of which will be given in my group’s presentation later on), that efforts have been increased not only to increase preparedness in key areas in Metro Manila, but that these have been done in a cooperative framework: The Alliance of Seven, comprised of the cities and municipalities of Marikina, Pasig, Antipolo, Cainta, Rodriguez, San Mateo, and Quezon City. I believe it’s strategic partnerships like these that are needed to tackle large future problems such as the ones we already have faced, and could be a model that could be replicated elsewhere, as storms are bound to hit all over to country. It makes me wonder what other sectors can be heavily improved on with a combination of cooperation and willpower, as there surely are others that need greater attention. This may potentially bring us to greater heights as country if replicated on a larger scale.

– Jude Benedict T. Geron


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