Chaotic Streets

During the rush hours of 7-9AM and 5-7PM, the streets of Metro Manila can be described as a riot of honking and impatient drivers in their respective vehicles. During these times, students and workers are on their way to their respective schools and offices. However, even during non-rush hours, heavy traffic can still be observed in certain parts of the region, especially on those roads that are usually passed by public buses and jeepneys such as EDSA. These public vehicles are privately owned, and the drivers’ incomes are dependent on the number of passengers they get. This is the reason why traffic is so bad in those streets: these public drivers try to get as many passengers as they can that they violate traffic rules. The transportation system has been a topic of concern not only to drivers but also to commuters.

It’s about time that the so-called public transportation be publicly owned.  In my opinion, this is the least that the government can do to make drivers follow protocols. Drivers and companies won’t have to outrace one another to get passengers along the roads and the government will have a better control of the system.

Another controversial topic about the Philippine transportation system is the proposal to totally remove jeepneys as a public transportation. People say it has served its purpose during the post-war and right now, it just contributes to pollution, both air and noise, with its old engine, and especially to bad traffic. There have been proposals to replace them with electric shuttles that can only go up to a certain speed and can only stop in preset destinations. In my opinion, removing jeepneys from the roads would be a great way to improve the traffic, but I’m not sure if electric shuttles could really serve as their replacements. Filipino commuters are impatient and I don’t think they would prefer a slow shuttle to a fast jeepney. Also, since it will be electric, I think it would cost more to both suppliers and commuters.

What do you guys think?


Angelica Clemente, 2012-63174


2 thoughts on “Chaotic Streets

  1. My dad would always say that unless there are jeepneys in the country, we would not be able to progress just like our neighbors. The jeepney is a very convenient transportation to commuters who are on a tight budget. However, I believe that it will definitely help lessen traffic if jeepneys are phased out because they usually just stop in the middle of the road, emit gasses that add to our already polluted environment, and add to vehicular accidents.

  2. I agree that public transportation be publicly owned. It’s better that bus drivers earn a substantial amount of money per day rather than basing it from the amount of passengers they take in. 🙂

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