A few thoughts on Feminism

I’ve always considered myself as a feminist. I’d be all about women empowerment (which isn’t a bad thing at all), but I never actually bothered to know what a feminist really is. If you asked me to discuss it with you a long time ago, I would say:

“Men and women should be equal. But it’s better if the men let the women get their way.”

I would’ve said that guys should do all the courting. Why should a girl exert effort in the earlier stages of the relationship? If the male acts all alpha on you, I would say, “Girl, take control.” Let the man be the slave for you. The woman should be self-sufficient – she has to be strong, independent, and empowered. No need for a man to make her happy. But is this feminism? Perhaps a little bit on the radical side, where there’s a bit of man-hating and the desire for a total reversal of gender roles. But really, can this work in real life?

Yes, women should be able to do what men could, but it didn’t occur to me that it should happen both ways. Men and women will never be the same, nor will they ever have the same capabilities. However, I believe that they should be equal in opportunity, in rights, and in the eyes of the law. This, too, is feminism. Do men and women currently have the same rights as stated in the Constitution? If so, does that mean that there’s no gender discrimination happening today? That’s something I’ll leave you to think about. Just because we’re equal on paper doesn’t mean we’re treated equally in real life. (I’m not saying I’m discriminated for my gender, by the way. But it happens).

To this day, I will always prefer female heroines over male ones. I still don’t understand what it is about the damsels in distress, but we should be able to be independent if we want to. We should be able to get into Med School without being required to have a higher score than the male applicants. We should be able to ask someone out if we want to. It may be taboo, but that’s feminism.

(That doesn’t mean I’ll do it though. Hehe.)

Justine Nuque, 2012-57245


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Feminism

  1. It always irks me when I hear men talk about women. They’re really bigoted — they still think that they should treat women like they treat glass. Feminism is all for the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. And I think that should be the case.

    (also on you asking a guy out, why the hell not? you are amazing and you deserve to be treated like an equal, not like a piece of fine china who they think could break at any minute)

  2. Most people think today that gender is a relevant issue; some even use it to bring themselves to the public eye with this as their carrier advocacy. While it is permitted, it saddens me that this takes priority over solving issues of lowering poverty rates or employment levels in our state. I mean, I support anyone who comes out of the closet, but aren’t there more pressing matters to discuss? Apparently the media doesn’t think so. In fact, issues like these get sidetracked in favor of Vhong Navarro getting a beating.

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