To Shift or Not to Shift

One of the most discussed issues as of today would be the proposed academic calendar shift for the Philippines. It is said that it is aimed to “internationalize” our education system and synchronize our schooling with the ASEAN. One of its objectives is also to make exchange programs between international universities possible. Although facing heavy opposition, it seems as though the calendar shift would definitely push through, especially in the University of the Philippines since it is an autonomous university and does not need approval from CHED.

A notable explanation for opposition of said proposal would be because it would require a longer break from schooling for students to execute. Another argument would be that it is simply a move for commercializing education and is a stunt motivated by profit, giving schools leeway to collect extra funds to prepare for the calendar shift. At a certain perspective, the calendar shift seems to look more like an effort for economic growth rather than academic growth. Lastly, one of the notable explanations would be because it is highly impractical to send students to school during the hottest months of the year, considering the tropical climate of our country. We have yet to see the outcome of the said proposal, which, despite opposition, seems to be pushing through in the coming years. Hopefully it would lead to just as much benefit as it promises and exceeds expectations.


Ma. Bianca Ysabelle C. Kit





2 thoughts on “To Shift or Not to Shift

  1. Interesting article. This is an issue that has caught my eye as well. First and foremost because its implementation could result in a longer summer break for me hahaha. However, of course that is not the sole reason for my support regarding the shift. The world is moving fast, and I think that it would, in the long run, benefit us to try to keep up with the times.

    It will be a little confusing and unfamiliar at first, but most change is. What will follow, is hopefully improved international relations, better education, and more chances and opportunities for the youth. Therefore I must say that I tentatively hope that the shift is followed to completion.

  2. I’m still having mixed feelings with the whole calendar shift. I have a feeling that it’s just our country trying to comply, compromise and comply with the other countries without prior research. All of those in support of it still have no substantial basis that could be offered up. Though the positive reasons they also provided do make a logical sense.

    As of now, I’m still unsure if I’ll support or not.

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