The Nameless is an organization whose main thrust is to keep the names of those who have sacrificed for love of country alive. This is done through their website the nameless. Upon being assigned to this organization, I was immediately intrigued by its type of work. As the semester went by, I slowly learned what this organization was all about – a conviction to keep alive those who have given so much for their country. By doing this, they also continue to fight for what these people believe in and wish for in our country – REAL CHANGE.


            One of my assignments while working for the Nameless was to do fieldwork through interviewing families, colleagues and friends of those the Nameless believes to be unsung heroes- whose stories needed to be told. I always thought that these stories were mostly during the Marcos area- the time when many ordinary people became heroes for the sake of the country. Upon doing fieldwork I found that there many unsung heroes after this period. Many believe that true change is still needed in this country.  I interviewed someone who talked about a colleague of hers that she looked up to. She mentioned how he truly worked for true change through being an organizer. His work was done during the Post-Marcos Era.


            This is something I wanted to highlight how there are those who still believe that there is much to be done in the country. The Marcos regime is gone however, there are still evils to be fought in and outside government. I realized this while interviewing this person. I agreed with most of what she said. There is still an ever worsening divide between the rich and the poor. The upper class takes full advantage of the poor. I believe that there should be action taken which is something these people I’ve been interviewing are doing. While I cannot completely empathize with those during the Marcos era, I do understand the people who are continually fighting for a more equal country. The Nameless serves as a beacon of light in upholding the fight for a better Philippines through remembering those who have already fought it. 


by: Pammy Macasaet


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