Learning about the NGO that was assigned to us (SENTRO) and the activity of our group, I honestly thought that it would be so much of a hassle for us because of its heavy load and the amount of time it requires. What we’re going to do here is describe, analyze, and interpret the nature and incidence of precarious works, more specifically of contractual work, among the labor sector in the Philippines. This means we have to interview and survey workers to be able to understand their working conditions.

The preliminary surveys and piloting went well as we talked to convenience store workers like 7-11 and Mini Stop. We were able to grasp some information about the load of their work, benefits they receive, and treatment of their employers to them. After this part, we are asked to cover workers from the broadcast industry and go to the leading TV stations in the Philippines (ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, IBC, PTV) to examine the working conditions of contractual employees. We have to do fieldwork that is going to the offices and interviewing different kinds of workers in TV stations.

This case study sounded more laborious but at the same time more interesting. We were oriented about the inconveniences this study would bring us most especially when going to the our locations in different parts of Metro Manila. Now, I think that this activity would really help a lot in giving me knowledge about and understanding precarious labor and contractual work in the Philippines. This would also be a decent field for training and experience as we do more fieldworks and case studies in the future.


Julius Anthony Q. Sinoy



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