A few years from now, we would be part of the labor force and as part of this essential group in a society we must know our rights and privileges that future employers will give us. We must also know this if ever we would be the one who would employ employees.

                SENTRO or Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa is an NGO which is committed to take social movement unionism (SMU) to new heights by intensifying  the organizing of industry and sectoral unions in the country. This NGO focuses on workers’ union in broadcasting companies, banks, hospitals, hotels, etc.

                As part of our internship for this NGO, we must collect data and profile it for a research paper focused on the INCIDENCE OF PRECARIOUS WORK AMONG THE LABOUR SECTORS IN THE PHILIPPINES. Precarious work is largely defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in the 2012 document Precarious Work to Decent Work as working conditions “defined by uncertainty as to the duration of employment, multiple possible employers or a disguised or ambiguous employment relationship, a lack of access to social protection and benefits usually associated with employment, low pay, and substantial legal and practical obstacles to joining a trade union and bargaining collectively”. In simple words they are the contractual workers.

                Just the thought of being a contractual worker gives me the feeling of uncertainty. To think that a lot of employed workers are doing precarious work wherein there would be no full benefits and lack of access to social protection. This NGO is doing their best to attend to the needs of the unions concerning their members and I think that it is a big step towards the organization of labour here in the Philippines.


-Therese Lee R. de Vera   2012-44853



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