PRRM & Gender Sensitivity

We were assigned to do our internship at the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). The organization has a wide variety of projects that deal with issues like the environment, education, and women’s health. Since our group’s main objective is to do a project related to gender sensitivity while doing our internship, the main project assigned to us was the Peer Education and Public-Private Partnership Towards Improved Reproductive Health Information and Services for Out-of-school Youth (PEPPY).

We went to do fieldwork in Barangay Bagong Silang, Caloocan three weeks ago. It was a good experience to see the PEPPY project in action since Brgy. Bagong Silang is the biggest barangay in Caloocan and has a big population of out-of-school youth. The goal of the PEPPY project is to be able to administer sex education classes to 3,000 out-of-school youth by May 2014 so the peer educators have been very active in getting as many youth to attend these sessions.

The sex education classes are called Kwentuhang Kabataan where the discussion starts off with the participants’ notions of love and how it can potentially lead to sexual intercourse and the effects of this if they do not understand what they are getting into. When we went to the Kwentuhang Kabataan, about 13 teens were present. The discussion lasted about an hour and the teens were open to talk about their opinions and ask questions about the topics.

Our other tasks for our internship is to make socio-economic profiles of the provinces that PRRM works with. I was assigned the province of Aklan and during my research, I realized that despite Aklan’s abundant tourism industry, 1/3 of its population is below the poverty line.

The things we learn from PRRM have been more than we expected. Not only have we learned about the impact of sex education on teens but we have also had sessions to learn more about sustainable development and the environment.

– Olivia Solomon  2012-16839


2 thoughts on “PRRM & Gender Sensitivity

  1. Like you, I’m also in a gender-sensitivity related NGO and I think that the project you’re involved with is very empowering to the teens. Part of my research (at least from my analysis) says that age can be a barrier to accessing quality information about sexuality, so by bringing the information to them, I think it’s one step closer to helping them make better choices in life. 🙂

  2. I really believe that even though we’re encouraged by our religion to stay chaste until marriage, it’s inevitable that others will do what they want whenever they want simply because they can, and they have the right to. So I really support sex education because it makes people more responsible. Your NGO is really cool for advocating it, especially to those who are not aware about protection, family planning, etc. But how young are these out of school youth?

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