Jumping to decades ago

The work my group has for SAMASA has something to do with history. Maybe you thought that sounded a little lame. I thought so, too, the first time I heard about the task at hand. Don’t get more wrong though because I do like history. But I would mentally complain about how tedious it was to go over a pile of old SINAG (the CSSP official publication) issues just to look for any pictures and articles relevant to SAMASA.

And that was not just it. Each of us in the group would have to go over four years worth of Philippine Collegian issues, rummaging through every page for anything that has something to do with SAMASA. Initially, all I would do is look for the word SAMASA, and my groupmates and I would squeal in delight the first few times we would find something. It was only until my groupmate Angela pointed out how fun it was that I realized that I am enjoying what we were doing.

If not for this task, I wouldn’t have exposed myself to UP’s own history. It was fascinating to read about the old UP, and you couldn’t help but compare it with today. I didn’t even know that we were once called Maroonettes, and that we actually fared well in basketball at one point. I saw advertisements for my org’s old fundraising events. I looked at the campaign materials of old USC candidates, who have now advanced to nationwide politics.

SAMASA was a former political party that had to break apart due to opposing ideas. All that is left of them is their history, and that’s why they are launching their history project. During our lunch meeting with Atty. Susan Villanueva, she told us that we are doing this because some people just seem to forget. Some would not even acknowledge the past that existed, that they were actually there.

That is why we are preserving history. We’ll make those who forget remember. We’ll prove those who wouldn’t acknowledge history that such past exist. And as for the younger ones (that’s us), we’ll make them learn.


Alessandra Gaborni, 2012-59063


2 thoughts on “Jumping to decades ago

  1. I am also part of this group working with SAMASA. And as we were finding out little by little the history of SAMASA, we are also finding out things about UP too. It’s nice to compare how things are before and how things are now.

  2. Writing and researching on the history of anything, no matter how initially mundane it may seem, can indeed lead to greater appreciation and a greater sense of where we stand today. And while, as you said, SAMASA is now defunct as a participating political party in UP’s student council, there surely are lessons to be found and even some interesting bits of history to be learned in your work, and it would be cool for that information to be spread around.

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