Global Change : Boon or Bane?

Maybe one thing we all have in common is that we are affected by global change.  One example is the alarming change in climate. It could be sunny now and be rainy later. There is also the advancement of technology. Allowing us to maximize the use of a gadget, for example cellular phones. Before, it is used just for sending messages and calling. Now aside from communication we can capture moments and instantly share it through social media through the access of the internet, we could also listen to our favorite music and play the latest hits.

As much as we are affected by these changes we also brought these changes upon us, we may not be aware of it but directly or indirectly our activities is the reason why these changes occur. As consumers and part of the growing population we have different wants and with that we demand goods. That’s why different innovations of products also arise. Cheaper and high quality products are what we want that’s why companies strive to improve the lines of their product. Another example is our ‘want’ to spend leisure time that’s why more malls and recreational parks are built everywhere. More lands are used for commercial purposes rather than agricultural. Summing these up, I think it largely affects our culture, from traditional ways to more modern and western way of living.


4 thoughts on “Global Change : Boon or Bane?

  1. Good points. Everyone of us is responsible for this drastic changes in the environment. Industrialization is not that bad if it’s operated with the goal of a sustainable environment. I think some areas in Europe have already changed their mechanisms to lessen pollution and to promote a sustainable environment.

  2. I also believe that there have been many benefits as mentioned with the help of technology we have right now in our society. Also, man’s capability of achieving what’s essential to life has enabled us to innovate and bring the best that our human capabilities can create. However, we should also keep in mind the repercussions of the industrialization we bring to the environment and that most of the greenhouse gases come from human activities. I believe that it is also in man’s capability to device of sustainable energy sources that will lessen the damage to the environment.

  3. As we demand more things, we must always think of the consequences of each and every action we make…
    We must not choose to simplify things if it will affect a lot of people…
    Cheap, harmful products should not be chosen instead of expensive but safer products…

  4. I agree that industrialization plays a part in the continuous deterioration of the environment. Majority of the damage to the environment is our own doing, because of our needs. We may get to the point wherein the production of demands are no longer possible and sustainable development may get even farther from actualization than it already is. We should work to prevent these from occurring and strive to care for our environment.

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