Filling in the Blanks

ImageSAMASA (Sandigan para sa Mag-aaral at Sambayanan) is the organization that I am working with this semester. Our main work is to research and gather pictures and articles of their history. In the future, we will also interview people who were part of SAMASA. This history project is really interesting because I am starting to know more about SAMASA and what they have done before, for UP, for the society. They were actually a party alliance, which I did not know at first, honestly. Our group is currently looking through the old issues of SINAG and Philippine Collegian. The good part about looking through the old issues is that not only do I find out things about SAMASA but I got the opportunity to gain more knowledge about how it was before, the UP life, student activism and the like.

So why did they ask us to help them with this? We had a meeting with Atty. Susan Villanueva, an alumna of SAMASA. She said that SAMASA wants to have this concrete evidence to show that they truly existed. They want to have this compilation of the things they have done so that they could remember what happened as well. It’s like going through a memory lane, refreshing and accessing the memories that were stored in their long term memory. Also, another reason why they want to accomplish this history project is that they want the student activists and party alliances (or students) to learn from them. What they should do and maybe what they should not do. Of course, they want to help our generation voice out the needs of the students and the society (that is why they are named SAMASA).

SAMASA wants to showcase the current generation what they did before. I think this is important because in my opinion, student activism is not as strong as before. Well, maybe there are a lot of factors affecting student activism but maybe through this history project, our generation will be inspired to fight for what they believe in and fight for their rights as a student.

-Angela Mantes

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