Buklod Tao, Inc.

Last January 20, we went to Brgy. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal to visit a non-government organization called Buklod Tao. The main goal of this organization is to promote disaster preparedness and environmental conversation. It is nice to know how these people allot their time in order to help their community to survive the calamities that come their way. Even without government subsidy, they can still stand on their own.

Here are some products that they sell in order to raise funds for their different activities:




I sincerely hope that every one of us would have the same commitment to help our own communities just as Buklod Tao has for Brgy. Banaba. In our own simple ways, we can do something to help and make a change.

Source: buklodtaoinc.org



3 thoughts on “Buklod Tao, Inc.

  1. This is great! Our country obviously lacks disaster preparedness so it’s nice to see Buklod Tao taking initiative to help these communities. We need more efforts focused on educating people, especially those in rural areas, on how to survive in the event of a natural disaster, which happens so often in the Philippines.

  2. This just proves that we don’t need to be completely reliant on the government for all of our needs because truth be told, there are not enough funds to go around. It’s nice to hear of such projects like this doing what they could to prepare for calamities to come. It is necessary to be prepared at all times and I think this is a great way to raise funds for disaster awareness.

  3. Of course, calamities are inevitable and sometimes unpredictable that is why this organization, I believe, has a good cause. Our government is chaotic right now because of all the issues that they are facing, especially with the pork barrel scam. Just think about it, if those (funds/money) just go to things like these, we might be able save a life or two, or even a generation! But I applaud Buklod Tao, Inc. for having this initiative to help the other Filipinos and for being independent.

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