Beyond the Blackboard

“A 24-year-old first-time teacher overcomes her initial fears and prejudices and makes a difference in the lives of the homeless children she teaches in a shelter’s makeshift classroom.” ( Beyond the Blackboard is one of the movies that really made an impact and made me realize many things. Within the environment where the movie focused, I saw problems that our country is experiencing. And with that, I want to share these and my realizations after watching it. I recommend that you guys watch the movie!

Poverty is the main problem or issue that Stacey Bess encountered in the Shelter home. Without it, the other four problems would not even exist in the shelter home. They would not even be living there if they are not experiencing poverty. Lack of education is also evident in the place. At first, there are no books, proper desks and tools in which a teacher can use for the benefit of the students. The teacher before Stacy even said that they just need to keep the children from the streets and that’s it. As one can see, lack of education is very evident. Another problem is Hunger. The children go to school without even eating anything because they do not have any food. In one event in which Stacey asked who were hungry and most of them raised their hands. And the 2 siblings who were locked by their mother were hungry and Stacey gave them a granola bar. These events show that hunger is also evident in their place. There are many people who use illegal drugs and who smoke. Like Danny, he smokes already even if he is just young. Also, there are many people who use drugs. The shelter will kick the people who use drugs. Also, the father of Maria is a drunkard. These Vices can really affect their behavioral aspects and their relationship with the other people especially their loved ones. Finally, Stealing was evident in one of the scenes in the movie. It is when the 2 people stole the television of the classroom. They took interest in a equipment which the students own. They only have few things or learning equipments which help them learn but the people who stole the television did not care about them. As one can see, lack of education, hunger, use of vices, stealing came from the focal or central problem which is poverty. Poverty is hard to eliminate but it can be lessen and if it will be lessen, its branches of issues will be lessen too.

Indeed, the movie is an inspirational one. I may not want to be a teacher one day but the movie inspired me to make a change even if it is just in small little ways. I admire Stacey Bess for the things she have done for the Shelter Home School. Even if at first she was hesitant with the whole situation, she still did not lose hope for this school. She finds ways in which she can help the school even if it means using her money to give the children a better school for learning. School does not only teach you things like Math, Science and the like. You learn more to that, you learn how to be strong, to persevere and to dream, which are all important to us. Through that, Stacey Bess helped the children have a sense of direction.

I, as a student, should not waste any opportunity to learn because there are many children out there, especially in my country, who does not have a learning place at all, who could not afford to go to school. I agree with what Stacey Bess is fighting for. Every person is entitled to acquire education. It is a right of every citizen. That should not be taken away from them. I am very fortunate because I am studying in a great school which provides me great education. I should not waste it through studying well and maybe one day give back to the society.

-Angela Mantes


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Blackboard

  1. Her work is truly heartwarming. I agree with you that we should not waste the fact that we are able to study in the premier national university of the country while other people can only dream of this chance to happen. I think that we should use that as inspiration also that we should study hard in order to be able to helps those who can’t in the future.

  2. Definitely agree on how we should realize how important education is. We’re very lucky to be one of the select few to be able to experience the quality and world class education in UP. In line with this, I think as Iskolars ng Bayan, we should not put into waste the education and liberation UP gives

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