Background on The Project Nameless Collective

When the word “hero” comes to mind in the Philippine context, the obvious names comes to mind – Rizal, Bonifacio, del Pilar, and the like. Though these men are heroes in our nation, there are those who have sacrificed much for the country and have yet to be as glorified as these heroes are.

The Nameless Collective  is a group that aims to recognize and pay homage to heroes who have yet to be known to the generally public. They “recognize women and men  from past eras and generations who have all dreamed of a new and better world”. These unsung Philippine heroes fought and sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the Philippine society, and it seems unjust that they are not recognized by the the country as heroes.

The Collective heads projects that include gathering, verifying, documenting and preserving stories of these unrecognized heroes from their family members and friends – those who had close ties with the hero and have detailed accounts as to how the hero lived and worked. The group also conducts activites to honor these heroes (such as the gallery and human rights forum held earlier in December). In accordance with upholding human rights, the group also assists families receive the benefits that may have not been given to them.

Overall, I think that this group is working on a noble cause. Those who do well with their lives deserve credit, and these unsung heroes deserve all the credit for fighting for our nation. Not only must they be recognized for their valiant efforts, but several heroes on the Nameless Collective roster are examples of the evident violation of human rights still present in some aspects of society. If they will not be recognized for their work for the betterment of the nation, then they should at least have justice – let their familes have justice and let the crimes of those who abused the power and positions we gave them be revealed. These heroes believed that their lives were worth the betterment of our nation, so it seems fitting that our nation show that these heroes’ lives were worth it to us through recognition, praise and fighting for justice where it is needed.

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