The Nameless

A few months ago, if someone asks me who the heroes of the Philippines are, I would have stated Rizal, Bonifacio, Jacinto, and all the other heroes my elementary and high school teachers made me read and memorize, but this changed when I encountered ‘The Nameless’.

‘The Nameless’ is a website wherein the lives and information about heroes during the martial law times can be found. The site is maintained by ‘The Project Nameless Collective’. The collective is formed by the relatives, friends and acquaintances of the nameless heroes, as well as various volunteers who also exemplify the cause of the project.

The site is full of autobiographies, stories and accounts of different heroes we rarely, if not never, hear of. Thus, it was named ‘The Nameless’. These heroes are the activists, the students, the workers, the drivers, the farmers, and all the other heroes who died during Martial Law. A lot of people died during Martial Law, but the people included in the list of the nameless are not the ones who died in vain, but the ones who died fighting for a cause.

If you want to know more heroes, please do visit the site


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