Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)

PRRM is one of the two NGOs under the Gender Sensitivity group: the other NGO is Women’s Health. At first, the PRRM doesn’t sound like an NGO at all because of the word “reconstruction” in its name. People in PRRM told us that their NGO is often mistaken as a construction company. They have a decent looking office after all. Anyway, PRRM is a Filipino development organization working to enhance the capacity of the rural communities in the planning, advocacy and implementation of sustainable development, through an integrated program of education, livelihood, health, environment and self-governance. It is also a nonprofit organization. The two things that intrigued me about PRRM are the terms sustainability and nonprofit. PRRM’s vision is to have a “world of equity and sustainability” which we, aspiring economists, strive to achieve (I hope). Next is nonprofit. When we were having our  orientation at PRRM, they immediately assumed that we, economics student, are profit-oriented. That’s not a bad assumption at all (I think..) because we study profit maximization almost all of the time anyway. I am actually curious on how PRRM, a nonprofit organization operate and achieve efficiency on its projects especially that it (from what I know) is primarily funded by USAID. Being an intern for this organization will give me a hands-on observation about this.

I would just like to share the Credo of Rural Reconstruction, which is like their mission-vision.

Go to the people
Live among among them
Learn from them
Plan with them
Work with them
Start with what they know
Build on what they have
Teach by showing
Learn by doing
Not a showcase but a pattern
Not odds and ends but a system
Not piecemeal but integrated approach
Not to conform but to transform
Not relief but release

Espino, Jose Mari C.


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