My Thoughts on the Vhong Navarro Scandal

… I don’t care.

But before you prosecute me for my apathy, let me explain. I used to care. I used to follow the drama. It was a steamy story, so of course I was interested! Famous celebrity + rape accusation + a bloody beating = sensational news! And the entire Philippines was tuning in. But more than a week has gone by and I’m tired of how this convoluted he-said-she-said extravaganza has somehow snowballed into this country’s “most important” headline.

It’s an ABS-CBN versus GMA war, with both networks trying their best to either exonerate or vilify Navarro. Two of the biggest networks in our country are fighting and we’re all just eager bystanders to this scandalous media catfight. Not to mention how our politicians are actually joining in and taking sides, trying to ride on this wave of media popularity! As if there aren’t other issues in our country that should be addressed.

And when we look at the social media scene, regarding the scandal, it’s vicious, and to a completely wrong person! The slut-shaming going on completely disgusts me. Whether or not Lee was telling the truth concerning Cornejo’s attempted rape, she doesn’t deserve the mass outrage directed at her. This is exactly why rape victims hesitate to come forward with stories of their attacks, because of the insinuations that come after it. She was asking for it or She deserved it because of how she acts. It’s complete drivel and it was eye-opening to see how many people actually believed this crap.

I’m not saying that the issue isn’t a serious one or that it shouldn’t receive attention. There were people that were hurt and I agree that justice should be served. But I’m tired of the media circus this has become. If these were ordinary people and not high-profile celebrities, would the Philippines be as interested as they are now? And that’s where the hypocrisy lies.

Flora Anne R. Palabrica, 2012-24581

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Vhong Navarro Scandal

  1. I share the same sentiments. I do believe that this issue has been tolerated too much by the media already. I’m pretty sure that this already happened before but the media didn’t really make a big fuss about it because it happened to ordinary citizens. I hope that next time, the media would focus more on relevant issues.

  2. I actually find this issue/scandal very interesting but stupid…still its a funny issue. haha. What irritated me though is that the media were like blaming the policemen for what happened. My dad is a police officer so I might be biased at this but come on, all standard operating procedures were properly executed. Mas nakakalungkot pa, the higher ups of that police force admitted that they did something wrong na sa totoo naman, wala. Bakit? Because they don’t have the balls to defend their own men.

  3. I want to share my thoughts on this incident, Cedric got lucky last 2008 because Social Media weren’t that aggressive. But today, he’s unlucky because anything he say and do can still be used against him. Deniece and Cedric are the real perpetrators well at least for me

  4. i hate how this scandal stole all the spotlight and overshadowed more important issues of the nation that needs attention and action.

  5. At first, this scandal seemed to be interesting and quite entertaining. Finding out the real culprit is indeed challenging. However, what is really agitating is that it has already obscured some news that are of greater importance. I’m not saying that it is bad to care about this so-called Vhong Navarro Scandal but, I think the Filipino people should focus more on issues that affect the overall status of our country.

  6. I agree that there are much more valuable issues that need to be addressed. But if the extortion issue about Cedric Lee is true I think that it is just right to delve into the story (to know how they get away with this crime and the participation of police officers). Although we should be reminded about the ‘real’ issue (not network wars or bashing the opposite party) .

  7. I couldn’t agree more. It truly is saddening to see so much social media attention on this issue when there are far more important things to discuss. You’d think people know better than to participate in this drama but no, they actually look forward to hearing more about it.

  8. I agree with this, entirely. Every time I go to Yahoo and Facebook, nowadays, all I see are updates on Vhong Navarro. Sure, it was intriguing and baffling but the news shouldn’t revolve around this guy for this long. Too many people have wasted time going after the truth on this issue. I say, it’s time to move on. There are much more important things going on than a celebrity who’s beaten up.

  9. I totally agree with you. The controversy does show relevant social problems and it is worth talking about, but it’s just too much. People post fake videos on facebook just so they could get likes or shares or whatever it is they want to get from the controversy. And it’s annoying how everyday, the news have something new to say. Can’t they just stop with all this hype on celebrities and focus on ordinary people going through worse problems?

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