For the unsung heroes

We all know quite well Filipino heroes such as Andres Bonifacio and Dr. Jose Rizal and how they valiantly fought for our country. Sure, they deserve to be commemorated and celebrated, but how about the heroes who didn’t make it to the newspapers? How about those who also fought with valor but failed to be recognized by the country as a whole? I’m talking about all the unsung heroes–the nameless heroes.

It’s amazing how little we know about our countrymen, and how big their hearts and love is for our country. In times of risk and danger, they will stand tall and fight until there’s nothing else left of them. Some may not have fought in the sense of physical wars and revolutions. But they were still revolutionary when showing their dedication to this country. Some of them may have fought in their own small yet meaningful ways. You would be surprised to know that a large number of these nameless heroes actually come from our own alma mater–UP Diliman.

The NGO i’m currently interning for, The Nameless, has taught me a great deal on appreciating those silent soldiers who never backed down. We were tasked to do profiling for the 100 heroes that this NGO features, and it opened my eyes to the reality of true heroism in the Philippines. They didn’t need big names to back them up, nor did they ask for recognition. No. They selflessly gave themselves to serving the country and defending it from Martial Law without for asking fame or awards in return. These are ordinary people; people, some even students, like you and me. Their being ordinary did not stop them from doing what they thought was just and right.

So here’s to all those unsung heroes. May you all rest knowing that your efforts to bringing glory to this nation was not in vain.

If you want to know more about these unsung heroes, click here.


– Anna Isabel Dave


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