A Meeting Point.

Youth for Sin Tax Movement (YFSTM) is a movement currently convened by UP Economics Towards Consciousness (ETC) with AJ Montesa as the movement’s convenor and president of the said organization as well. YFSTM involves numerous organization with a big fraction of UPSE organizations being part of it namely School of Economics Student Council (SESC), UP Economics Society (Ecosoc), Organization of Business Economics Majors (OBEM), and ETC.

Its primarily goal is to push for the continuous implementation of RA 10351 which was the passed version of Sin Tax Law with the primary principles that more than a tax law, this is also a health law that does not only adds up to public revenue but is health beneficial as well.

YFSTM is one of the common points we have between ETC and the Action for Economic Reforms (AER). Just as our organization moves for the proliferation of the movement being an Ad Hoc commitment as its youth advocates there is AER that supports the same view visible when you see my previous blog regarding the first tasks we did with them (FDG) revolving around the issue of Sin Tax. 

It has been a year since the enactment of the Sin Tax Bill into law, hence RA 10351. One of the hottest considerations for this possibility was that it was more than a tax law, it was meant for something more than additional revenues for public purposes, it was also a law meant for the improvement in the health of the citizens.

In a concise manner, the Sin Tax Law sees additional taxes for sin products such as alcoholic drinks and cigarettes wherein the additional revenue will be meant for the health sector and more than this, a decrease in the consumption of the said products as well.

This is why there are movements such as YFSTM which ETC and AER supports so that the said law will be implemented in its intended form that at the end of the day, the goals of reduced consumption and additional revenues to the health sector will be met for an improvement of the health of every Filipino in the aggregate. For one, our country has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, prices of cigarettes and with this, the highest prevalence of smoking in the youth and smoking in the society as a whole.

There are numerous online publications ready to be viewed by anyone interested.

You may like YFSTM for more information at https://www.facebook.com/YouthForSinTaxMovement.

More than a movement, this is for a cause.


Roi Marru L. Pablo (2012-15476)


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