Obviously, the value of life is truly different from what it meant to people now, to what it meant to people before. Not derogating either side, I just truly noticed the extremity of the gap just recently.

The NGO I’m a part of is called the Nameless, with the tagline “WE ARE NAMELESS AND ALL NAMES ARE OURS”. It solely aims to gather, preserve, and publicize these, ‘unsung heroes’, who were mainly activists who fought national freedom and democracy, in times of Martial Law. It assists the Bantayog  ng mga Bayani, in creating their website where relatives, friends, and supporters, of those nameless heroes are able to contribute to the identity of these people.

Truly, the most striking thing for me in being part of the organization was the generation gap. Not looking at the age differences, of course, but looking at how passionate this Nameless group of people are for recognizing the people who fought for our freedom. I can only hope to relate to them on how they were, how they fought for their lives, their independence. People before just wanted/ needed to survive per day, as compared to all the pressure of the future and the great competition I would eventually face in order to just be successful and happy is so much to take up in this moment in time (of course no argument on which is more, but they equally are of value, somewhat, in a more open-minded time aspect to it. Also taking into account that we come from different backgrounds, environments, and, personally, cultures). Also, it is truly evident in the experiences I have had from countless of people, studies, etc, that the gap truly is big, although we learn from one another, there are just too many aspects to take into account and consideration in trying to understand and relate to how it was before.

In relation to that, applying of course what I’ve learned in psychology, we’ve lived, truly, in separate lifetimes. Hard are the times and people that transcend to both, I guess all we really have now are the stories that they have to tell. It would truly take a lot of patience, understanding, and open mindedness to ‘break the gap’, but it’s been an experience seeing such an organization so passionate about what they stand for. Interesting and a hearty experience indeed. 


Mercado, Matthew Nigel


2 thoughts on “NGO

  1. The Nameless is a very interesting and meaningful organization. From my perspective, they give meaning and justice to the people who served the country and led selfless lives during the dark times of Philippine history. I hope people, particularly UP students, will recognize and uphold the goals and visions of this group.

  2. I think that the psychological perspective used in this article is a both an interesting and valid way of looking at the Nameless organization. The generation gap explains why the people who created the organization are so passionate about keeping the names of these “nameless” people alive. Hopefully, we will be able to share in this passion more.

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