With Akbayan to make a difference

We were assigned as legal assistant to the legal counsel of Akbayan. It was an intlllectually stimulating job because even though we were given clerical jobs we still enjoyed the talks we had with the attorney that concerns issues that are bellowing around us like the RH Bill, the Cybercrime and such. The Attorney was involved legally in these cases and he gave us insight to these cases that made our look of the world more precise.

After a month with Attorney we were transferred to Akbayan’s counterpart in congress where we researched on how to access the reallocated PDAF funds. We are to make a step by step procedure where the leaders of far flung areas could easily understand and those easily comply and adapt with the changing funding. When I entered congress and was assigned this project, I was enlightened. I thought congress people were a bunch of greedy crocodiles working meticoulusly to get their next larger share of the pie. When I entered the room for Akbayan I was greeted with dedicated people who wanted to make a difference. And that was the same with the project. It made me feel that I am making a difference. What’s a few hours of compiling information across the net if it would mean a CSO could implement their project. I really liked the project and so I worked on it meticoulsy and precisely.

For the two months to come, we are to be assigned in other new PDAF adapting projects and hopefully make much difference as we are doing now.

Raphael Justin A. Jambalos



One thought on “With Akbayan to make a difference

  1. We can really never know who people truly are unless we interact or work with them. By sharing your experience, my view of legislators have now changed. Hearing your story also makes me excited to see what really happens in the congress behind closed doors. 🙂

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