Since our group has already acquired almost all of the BITs that we need, we had another meeting with our NGO. We met at ROC last monday and had a productive meeting.


It was very informative for me because I got to learn a lot about investment treating between countries. At first our project will be hard since we were not familiar of these treaties and we kind of have no idea what to do but sir Joseph helped us a lot by explaining the content of these treaties and how they work.


I learned that these treaties were no joke. A multinational company can sue us and make our government pay because of some policies that the government want to impose. This can result to our government not wanting to impose more polices in fear of being sued. How can the government protect its people if this happens?


Things like these that I do not learn from the classroom, I learned from this meeting and we had a lot of fun. I hope that as we work on our matrix we will be able to learn more about trade and how this world works.



Coleen Villaluz



One thought on “Treaties

  1. I agree with you in how we don’t really learn everything in the classroom, and exposure to these kind of real-world situations have definitely been more than helpful! Glad that you had an insightful meeting and things are clicking.

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