The Nameless Exhibit and Human Rights Forum

Our NSTP CWTS group was tasked to assist in the set up of an exhibit informing all viewers about our country’s “nameless heroes”. These people being showcased in the exhibit were those fellow countrymen who made great sacrifices for the good of the Philippines and the Filipino people but were unfortunately left unknown and unpraised by the general public. The Nameless group set up their organization and this exhibit to be able to pay tribute to these unsung “nameless” heroes and reveal to the public (who are mostly unaware) of the deeds these people had done.

Each member of our group was assigned to research on at least five heroes from the Nameless database and create a profile  for them and a summary of the work they accomplished to be able to earn them the title of “nameless hero”. Though it felt like quite a tasking job to read about the lives of people who were generally unaware of, it ended up being quite interesting learning about their lives. Several of them made sacrifices for the country and it feels almost unfair to have them unrecognized by the general public. On the surface, it would seem that this was an “ordinary” or “regular” collection of people – students, lawyers, writers, scientists, teachers, etc. – but in actuality, they had a much bigger impact on those around them than their “job titles” would reveal. What seemed even more unjust was the ways that some of these nameless heroes died. Several died tragic deaths at the hands of those who did not want to see these heroes succeed, and it seems even much more important after learning about their deaths to honor these heroes for the work and sacrifces that they offered either simply for the passion of doing what they loved or for the good of their fellow countrymen.

Learning about the heroes was quite a difficult sounding task at first, but it also apparently made for good conversation whilst setting up the exhibit. As we were sticking tape onto the back of each cutout, we would each randomly share some information about some of the heroes we read and researched about. Later on, we also found ourselves looking through some of the names on the exhibit, reading their profiles and learning more about these unsung heroes.

To cap off the day was a forum on human rights – a proper topic to accompany the Nameless heroes exhibit. Several of these heroes died tragic deaths – deaths that involved the violations of their rights as human beings, and it seemed proper to inform people the importance of these matters. Speakers informed listeners about what human rights were and even gave some experiences on how some of their human rights were violated.

Overall, it was good to learn that there were unsung heroes that worked for the betterment of our country. It helps bring to mind the idea that there may be people out there now, unheard of to the general public, but doing the same for the good of our country. Although this may be so, it should also be brought to attention that the fight for our rights as human beings is also something that we must be aware of. It is a fight that we must all continue to give effort in supporting.

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