The Nameless Collective Exhibit

Viray, Kristina Margarita R.


It happened. Despite the mishmash and uncertainty of plans, the exhibit and forum for The Nameless Collective pushed through. While surely not an easy feat, the unity and cooperation shown while working for the said events greatly affected the outcome. The exhibit came alive in around an hour. The forum was well-attended, considering it was a Monday. I would like to share some insights I had after the said events.

We were given less than two weeks to prepare for the exhibit and the forum. Things did not go according to plan, at least not to a t. After all, what was really the plan? Things could have been clearer for all of us; however, with less than two weeks to prepare, I guess the outcome was not so bad. A belief I have always had was reaffirmed that day: when in doubt, wing it.

Going with the wind was not favorable for everyone. Dilly-dallying was observed here and there. Alas, there was time wasted, but there was a silver lining. When time wasted is enjoyed with good company, is it still wasted time?

Not the entire day was wasted, of course. We picked up our pace and went about our self-designated tasks at one point, as if we had known what we were meant to do from the start. I love the beauty of self-organization and specialization. I have to say, it came together from there. That was teamwork at its finest.

Moving on to the forum, I have always been a supporter of equality and human rights. As the clock ticked, guests came in one by one. What a delight. Being informed will always be a good thing. I am a firm believer in the importance of information dissemination.

All the going around, perhaps even the sitting around, was exhausting, albeit the good kind. At least we went home knowing more about what we are inherently entitled to, yes?

The events pushed through. That is what matters. Perhaps what matters even more is that with the said activities, I have observed that we, the students, have the capacity to take things in stride. Things may not always go our way, but whatever the way turns out to be, we make it ours.

One thought on “The Nameless Collective Exhibit

  1. I agree with you that when things can be so confusing and disorganized, there’s like an invisible hand of sorts that eventually will keep everything back on track, mostly due to that “second gear” we students have as pressure kicks in I guess. Congratulations with your exhibit!

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