Sophiesticated Robin Hood

First day of CWTS 2 classes… I thought it would be another seminar-like day. Well, I was proven wrong. It was a day of choice. Will I pick gender sensitivity, community development, environmental change, or economic nationalism? I ended up choosing community development, but I guess it wasn’t for me because there were already too much people, so I volunteered to be with my friends who chose economic nationalism.

After that session, we ended up partnering with EU-ASEAN. When we got to meet the people in it, we were asked which façade of the pyramid project we do want. We settled at the second façade—a research on the effects in the welfare of people affected by the investment of an international corporation. Most of us got excited about it because we considered ourselves us Robin Hoods. The difference though is we steal information (not money) for what we think is equitable.

With our project, we can expect to imbibe in ourselves a better sense of economic nationalism, the path which I believe I was destined to take.

-Earl Ricser Viray (2012-04819)

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