Simply Trading

Being assigned to EU-ASEAN FTA Network opened me to the other sides of the Philippine economy which most people often ignore, or forgotten. The assigned task for us were about the Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) between Philippines and some countries around the world including US, Argentina, Australia, etc.

Upon reading some of the treaties between Philippines and other countries, I realized how intricate things are settled when foreign investors put up branches of their companies here in our country. There are many things to consider. The benefits and the welfare of both countries are on the top priorities. The brand and trademark rights of each companies are well established.  The provisions and regulations of both countries are clearly stated too. And even the term INVESTMENT is clearly and intensely thought of.

Those are only some of the articles stated in the treaties. The trading between two countries are really delicate and long process. The constructing of each  treaties must be researched and reviewed well since the welfare of both countries are at stake.

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