Pay it Forward

We often associate “change” with acts worthy of being written in our history books. Self-sacrifice, laws that break social barriers or a campaign to promote justice are just some of the few things that come to our minds when asked about world-changing actions. But we need not be heroes or martyrs to inflict positive change in our society. The “Pay it forward” concept is a simple yet overlooked principle that has the potential to make each and every one of us better off.

Most people have unrealistic perceptions on how one might make an impact on the world. Of course, a certain amount of effort is needed to fulfill this. However, simple acts of kindness and consideration go a long way in making our world a better place. The concept states that by going the extra mile in extending help to someone, the recipient will feel motivated to pass along good deeds to others. This triggers a positive chain of reaction that will eventually pile up and make significant impacts on the lives of people.

Let us all do our parts in extending random acts of kindness and selflessness. Let us touch other people’s lives, one person at a time. The most important thing to remember is that we must not ask for anything in return. Instead of repaying you, ask the person you helped to pay it forward by helping someone else. It is a simple but powerful concept that, if used, can definitely help bring about change.

2 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

  1. Sabi nga nila ang karma ay dumadating hindi naman mula mismo sa mga indibidwal na kalahok. Kung ang bawat isa nga naman sa atin ay gagawa ng kabutihan ay talaga ngang magbabago ang mundo gaano man kalaki o kaliit ang ating kabutihang nagawa. Ngunit, sa aking palagay, huwag pa rin tayo mawalan ng pag-asa mangarap ng mga bagay na tila ay mahirap abutin. Dahil ang mga mahihirap abutin na iyan, tulad nga ng mga “random acts of kindness” na nabanggit, ay maaring makamtam sa pamamagitan ng pagsubok gawin mismo. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen a movie with the same title and concept. Ang saya rin niyang panuorin kasi parang nagiging hopeful ako na maging mas humane tayo. =))
    Parang ang liit ng isang action pero kung ipapasa mo sa tatlo pang ibang tao at ganun din ang gagawin nila, may posibilidad na, in the future, lahat tayo nagpapass na ng nagpapass ng random act of kindness. Lalo na the more na ginagawa mo ang act, unconsciously nagiging behavior, attitude, characteristic and personality mo na siya. Inseparable sayo.

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