New Beginnings

Another semester has come and gone, and my subjects for the first sem were all finished, except one. My CWTS Econ class is still here, lingering like a ghost, haunting me and never letting me have my resting time during Mondays. Hehe, just kidding.. So here I am, once again writing in this blog. It seems strange, but I kinda missed writing here and reading all the wonderful and insightful posts and comments of other people. But now I think I’ve rambled a little too much. I will now tell you all about my first time to “work” for an NGO.

My groupmates and I were assigned to the EU-ASEAN FTA group.. Basically, it’s an NGO monitoring all trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties between the Philippines and other countries, particularly the ones belonging to the European Union or the ASEAN. When we first got to their office in Maginhawa St., we were welcomed by a woman there who told us to wait for Sir Joseph, who was our coordinator. She talked to us for a while and explained to us that they were actually expecting another CWTS group that tackled another issue. She also talked about her organization and its policies, missions and visions.. But after several minutes Sir Joseph Purugganan arrived and briefed us in on what we were supposed to do.. He said that we were to research on all the BITs or Bilateral Investment Treaties the Philippines has created, and that we were to analyse it. Luckily for us, we have a whole semester to do that so our task became relatively easy to manage. After our meeting, we headed back to UP and ate at Snack Shack before going home. That was the first time I ate a burger at the Snack Shack and I can say that it was very delicious. And with that I end my first blog post for the second semester. 🙂

Me and My Groupmates :)

Me and My Groupmates 🙂

Astin Louis R. Padlan



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