National Year of Rice 2013

Recently, I have been chosen as one of the RICEponsable advocates for a very important cause. It was a great privilege to be one of the performers for CelebRICE, the culminating activity of the Department of Agriculture and Philippine Rice Research Institute’s National Year of Rice. Other performers include Ebe Dancel, former Sugarfree vocalist; Kitchie Nadal, 6cyclemind, Never the Strangers, Moonstar88, Banda ni Kleggy, and Davey Langit. The event aims to promote the use of brown rice and other alternatives such as corn and sweet potato, as well as to encourage people to be responsible consumers. Research shows that every Filipino wastes an average of 3 tablespoons a year. In total, our country’s population wastes 319,000 MT of rice every year. This amount is even larger than what we imported this year alone. This is disheartening to know. The amount of rice that we wasted could have been used to feed hundreds of thousands of people who couldn’t even afford to eat complete meals on a day-to-day basis. That being said, I encourage each and every one to be mindful of the food you put on your plates. Make sure that you only take what you can eat. Also, let us give credit to our farmers who work extra hard just to provide us with our sustenance. We must make it a national effort to cut back on our consumption of white rice. Alternatives such as brown rice will not only provide us with health benefits; it would also help the agricultural sector of our economy. Let us push for self-sustainability, so that we won’t need to rely on other countries for our supply of rice. Who knows, in the future, we might even be able to export our rice products.

One thought on “National Year of Rice 2013

  1. Wow, that’s all I can say, wow.. Go Christine! Don’t forget your batchmates when you become super famous.. And let us know when you have upcoming events so we can watch and support you 😀 And of course, I was shocked to see so much rice is being wasted.. I’ll do my best not to waste rice anymore..

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