A visit

January 20 – We are on our way to the community of Brgy. Banaba San Mateo, Rizal. It was just a small community which is always prone to flooding because of the bodies of water that surrounds it. There, a group of people called Buklod Tao (started as a religious organization since 1994) had organized themselves to act in times of disasters and they had traveled a long way to where they are now. By this time, they already have a medium-rise building that acts as evacuation center/ livelihood building and can resist an intensity-9 earthquake. They have their own flood mapping of their community made by the residents themselves. They also have the following income generated projects:

Fiber glass boats

Go Bags – woven by the mothers of the community from used tetra pack juices

TetraPots – plant boxes made out of tetra pack juices

CocoFeet – slippers out of coconut husk

Smokeless coals

Composting and planting




They are a community to look up to. One does not have to depend on the other to do all these things. One just has to have an initiative to do so. 

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