A reaction on the Human Rights exhibit & forum of the Nameless organization

Nowadays, it is difficult to see how Filipinos give importance to Human Rights, given the numerous cases of murder, rape and other cases of disrespect towards the rights of people. Because these violations are still quite common, it is important to be reminded of what exactly is Human Rights all about and what we can do to continue promoting it. This is exactly what happened in the Human Rights exhibit & forum last December 9, 2013 which was organized by The Nameless Organization along with some sophomore students from the UP School of Economics which included me.

I did not know what to expect at the start of being involved in this event but I was hopeful that I would learn and gain experience from it. Our first task was to profile the Heroes posted on the nameless website. I found it interesting to read about how ordinary people became heroes in their own right particularly during the Marcos regime which we all know was time wherein there was very little respect for human rights. On the day of the forum, my batch mates and I were tasked to set-up the exhibit which turned out to be quite a tedious job given the short amount of time we had to prepare for it.  However, it was great to see the exhibit come together before the forum started.

The forum itself was another experience. I thought it was great that the speakers talked about human rights from different points of views. Some talked about it more subjectively, using historical facts and law provisions in their talks while others were more objective, taking in from their personal experiences. It was interesting to hear how they experienced or witnessed such kinds of violations in their time, it took me back to my Kasaysayan 1 class wherein my professor would also tell us stories about how there was little to no respect for human rights during the time of Martial Law. While I found their talk insightful, I thought it was a bit difficult to relate to. Perhaps it would have been helpful if there were speakers who focused on the violations of human rights that are happening day to day, sometimes without people knowing they are victims of it.

Overall, I thought the forum and exhibit ran pretty smoothly however it was still far from perfect. The lack of attendees was noticeable yet also understandable since the event was held on a Monday and the promotion of the event started late. There were also a few problems regarding the program, since it started and ended late because of the delay there was also no time for questions which slightly defeated the purpose of holding a forum. But these setbacks will serve as guides for future events that we may be involved in.  

-Alyssa Santos 2012-24290

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