A Call To Arms

This semester as part of my completion for this course, me and my groupmates have been working with an NGO called the La Liga Policy Institute, which essentially is a developmental organization engaged in reform interventions promoting effective governance towards sustainable and rural development. One of their initiatives is the Alliance of Seven, which is a conglomeration of the LGUs of Antipolo, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig and the municipalities of Cainta, Rodriguez and San Mateo. The A7 seeks to address disaster risk reduction and management and risk-sensitive development. One of their projects which I’m especially interested in is the rehabilitation of the Marikina Watershed, which is one prevention measure for disasters caused by typhoons. 

Signing up for something related to Climate Change, I thought I would be in an organization that measures the weather somehow like in non-governmental PAGASA of sorts. Climate Change however is more than that, it stems from this whole idea of continuous negative effects to out environment and branches out to so many ideas to prevent, mitigate or even cure this phenomenon. La Liga has opened my eyes to new things that made me realize how impactful you could be if you found just the right solutions to the problem, no matter how big or small. 

It amazes me when I see people so devoted to making a difference, and with the endeavors that La Liga has come up with so far, I believe that they’re fighting a war that they’re winning. Sure, climate change isn’t being solved outright, but the human purpose of climate change is definitely something they’re living by example. In times like these, a “call to arms” is what is needed, which is what La Liga is trying to do. They’re trying to make people see that this battle with climate change is a battle to be solved together, a collective advocacy towards doing what is right for our environment.

2 thoughts on “A Call To Arms

  1. I love how the NGO you’re interning for is called “La Liga”. It doesn’t strike me as an NGO geared towards the awareness and prevention of climate change. It’s true though that climate change is more than what we think it is–it’s more of an aggregate of the small things we’ve been doing that is affecting our climate. Good to know that your NGO is doing the best it can to help the Earth in small but significant steps. Change starts from small beginnings 🙂

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