Where it all started

I must admit, the way we handled our NSTP-CWTS class this semester was not the way I expected it to be. I’ve already heard that the second part of NSTP-CWTS was something like relating ones selves in the community like for example through community service, outreach programs, and even immersion. But what we had in our class really surprised me.

Our group was assigned to EU-ASEAN FTA Network. At first, I thought our group was assigned to be working with the DFA regarding European Union and ASEAN matters and that we’ll be meeting foreign representatives of the said NGO. But what I didn’t realize was the said NGO focused more on the Free Trade Agreement side between Philippines and EU-ASEAN.

Our group was tasked to gather copies of Bilateral Investment Treaties between Philippines and some 35 countries in EU and ASEAN where we had a trade agreement with. We will be reviewing the said treaties, and will compare and contrast some vital information and provisions stated in each treaties. The output will then be used by the EU-ASEAN FTA Network for possible recommendations and/or sources for other related industries.

I was glad that I was assigned to the said NGO, and had been able to work with them. I am exposed to the trade sector of our country and I am learning a lot. And what is more fulfilling, is that when we finished our task it may or may not be used by other related industries as sources/references/recommendations for their studies or research.


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