The Brown Rice Project

Last year, we were assigned to work with La Liga Policy Institute, a non-government organization engaged in reform interventions to promote effective governance for sustainable urban and rural development. The first task that La Liga gave us was to construct a community profile. Later on, we were informed that we will be working on another topic and we chose the brown rice market. We decided to work on this topic because it was interesting and our output can be a great contribution to the organization. We were given two weeks to research and study the market and construct a survey from our research. Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting relevant data and information on brown rice. The good thing is we were still able to construct a survey. La Liga approved the survey instrument days ago and we’re planning to start the survey as soon as possible. I am really excited because the study let us be informed of brown rice’s great health benefits as well as help us know if brown rice is marketable.


Arrah Batiles



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