We have a different avenue of learning in our NSTP class this semester. The class is divided into groups, who are assigned to different NGOs, with different social issues to ponder like climate change. Our group is assigned to La Liga Policy Institute. This organization promotes environment advocacies such as sustainable organic agriculture, rural development and budget allocation to the environment.  On the early part of our “internship” to this NGO, we’re tasked to do a community profile in Rizal but then, due to some circumstances, our task is changed into having a market research of Brown Rice in the Philippines. As Economics students, we are into data analysis and policy implications behind different decisions. A market research is a good way on how we can apply our learning in class.

As of now, our group has already do some research on the market of brown rice in the Philippines. As of now, we are finalizing the survey instrument which will be used to acquire information of brown rice in different Filipino households (hospitals, cafeteria, restaurant). I am looking forward on this project and I hope we learn and enjoy the rest of the tasks we have to do.

I am happy that there are so many NGOs who fight for environmental issues. I believe that our environment is the most precious asset, we, Filipinos have.

-Victor M. Marcelo Jr. 2011-44549



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