A look behind the headlines

I admit that my immediate reaction upon learning that this semester’s CWTS class would require us to report to a non-government organization’s office every Monday for a dozen or so weeks was one of disbelief. Specifically, I felt the way a child might feel if he/she learned that he/she, for whatever reason, had to receive regular injections – the desire to not have to go through it combined with the vague sense that it will all pay off somehow eventually.

It has only been a few weeks since I first stepped into the Freedom from Debt Coalition’s office near V. Luna and I must say that the experience thus far has been a great opportunity to learn about the aspects of economics that do not appear in the business sections of broadsheets. Only through this internship was I introduced to such concepts as illegitimate public debt (usually obtained when the President enters a loan contract without the approval of Congress) and climate justice (how industrialized nations which contribute greatly to climate change must provide reparations for countries which contribute very little yet are hit hardest by natural catastrophes caused by climate change). Two of the FDC’s main areas of concern are public finance and the power sector, and the ongoing issues regarding the disbursement of public funds and Meralco’s power rate hike made coming to this politically charged organization’s headquarters once a week more interesting.

I have always loved learning, and this internship has sated my thirst for knowledge by providing me a closer glimpse of and helping me better understand the most significant problems faced by Philippine society today.


B.L.R. Rodriguez, 2012-06733


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