A First Glance

Under the topic of Climate Change, we were given tasks by the La Liga Policy Institute involving some research work that might help the NGO with their projects on the Manila Watershed. Originally our task involved gathering statistical data like population, livelihood, etc. from a barangay in San Mateo. However, after some deliberation by Ma’m Durano and our coordinator, our task was changed to developing a survey instrument that may be used by La Liga when they do their market study on brown rice.

As the change was done after the Christmas break, our tasks have not yet progressed as far as we might wish, but we have finished getting some data on Brown Rice. A first glance at some of the qualities of the product show why the NGO is trying to encourage its use. According to the sources that we gathered (however few they are), all in all, brown rice is more nutritious than the more common white rice as the grains lose the nutrients from the “whitening” process, i.e. the nutrients that are left in the “brown”.

This information is the major reason why La Liga encourages the consumption of brown rice, and doing what is left from our tasks — pre-testing our survey instrument, and then revising it afterwards if need be— may help them in achieving this goal.


One thought on “A First Glance

  1. The work that is going to be done by the CWTS students will be a relevant contribution to this study. At the same time, they learn numerous things in terms of promoting brown rice: nutritious value, economic impact, and food supply.

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