See the Connection?


            In this fast-paced world of ours, the increase in the usage of our world’s resources for technology has been apparent. While this is something that is generally good, the increase in pollution due to this technological advancements has brought upon far more damage than what we could actually gain from it. In order to reduce pollution, technology has also brought upon ways to reduce them, as a counter measure. But what we have forgotten is that nature is an art of simplicity, just as Isaac Newton said, “Nature is pleased with simplicity, and nature is no dummy.” From this, I’ve come to a conclusion that in simple ways, we can help offset the effects of technology by doing simple, uncomplicated things.

            This actually goes as far as doing the simplest way to reduce pollution, to plant more. In the simple logic that more trees produces more oxygen, more trees also means less pollution.  In line with this, our group was tasked to do a simple one: to plant in PRRM’s rooftop garden. I can say that what we are doing is not enough, but this is actually a start to do more, to plant more, to help our environment. In our simple task, together with PRRM’s vision in sustainable development, we apply the intricacies of technology in combination with the simple task of planting on the rooftop.

While it is easy to plant, the idea of planting on a rooftop is actually far more complex. There are several factors like the layout, positioning of the plants, proper irrigation and actual weight that the rooftop can handle. See the connection? Technology then is something we can combine with simple tasks, and with this, we are actually working on toward a more effective solution.

           After all has been said and done, what we need to do now is to “spread the word, and live by it” as they say. It is in these collective efforts and the advocacy to do things that we can make a difference. The focus of PRRM is to help the rural poor and help them develop. It is also combined with the idea of a “green thumb” to help transform our world into a greener and cleaner one. We hope that by these, and what we have done, we can show the connection of technology and simplicity to others, specifically the rural poor, to make them aware that they can also make a difference. Imagine having an eco-friendly community transform and grow, just like what we have planted. Imagine the changes. See the connection.


–          Genevieve Kristine B. Mañalac

              2012 – 21373



One thought on “See the Connection?

  1. It’s difficult to be too reliant on the simplicity of nature especially in our world where everything works via technology. Similarly, life can get too complicated with all the gadgets and gizmos that we do need to return to the simpler things in life (not to mention the need for fresh air to relax from the daily stresses of polluted cities). As you’ve pointed out, we’ll need to strike a balance 🙂

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