Garden Nannies

For the better part of the semester, my group mates and I have been interning at the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement supposedly to tackle the issue of climate change.

So what is PRRM in the first place? It’s basically an NGO that promotes sustainable development through programs in education, livelihood, health, habitat, environment, and self-governance.

In keeping with their mission to protect and better the environment, PRRM prides itself in having a rooftop garden on their very own building and for our part, we’ve been assigned to take care of it.  When I heard of this, I was really excited and cautiously optimistic. I thought it was going to be just my cup of tea!

Boy, was I wrong.

I don’t think I was born with a green thumb whatsoever and aside from that, the rooftop garden was in serious need of a renovation.  It looked abandoned and forgotten. It was dirty and unmanaged. It was nothing like the beauty it had been when they started the project years ago!

But seeing the progress we’ve made now, I guess it’s dealt me some good that the garden was in the state it was in. My appreciation for gardeners, farmers and anybody who’s ever grown a plant has massively increased. It takes a hell of a lot work, effort and patience!

It’s also helped me understand what PRRM wants to do. PRRM wants to encourage people to participate in community development and to deal with the issues our society faces. The garden is an example of just how to do so firsthand. Small works in great quantities can do a lot. Imagine if we each grew a plant, wouldn’t that do wonders for our environment!

– Frances Abigail Reyes




One thought on “Garden Nannies

  1. Small acts really matter a lot especially if it’s for the betterment of our environment and of the society. Glad to know that you’re doing and appreciating those things. I hope you have learned much from this internship! 🙂

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