The Calling

During our CWTS Orientation they said that we’re going to the beach for field experience. I was really excited because for me, beach + field experience = adventure (now, I’ m still looking forward for that adventure). I am familiar of what a ‘Tambuyog’ is, what I don’t get is its connection with the fisheries sector. Later did I know that it is a calling for awareness, to be more conscious and act to the hyping needs of the fisher folks.

During our orientation in Tambuyog I learned that they don’t just focus on fisher folks but also the livelihood of families around coastal areas and the coastal area itself. And with this I’ve grasp the idea of why an NGO such as Tambuyog exist. The purpose of the organization doesn’t just revolve around poverty it also includes the worsening state of the environment and natural resources.

So why is the fisheries sector left behind? I think that to eradicate poverty (esp. in the said sector) we have to know its roots. And now the main cause is human activities. I realized that human activities are a series of events, a chain reaction. What we do to the nature, it comes back to us. So I think that allocation of natural resources is one way to help our fisher folks and also to stop the degradation of our environment.


Paola Villaflores

2012 – 57089


One thought on “The Calling

  1. I do understand that a lot of damage to the environment we see (and feel) now are simply consequences of our actions. By allocation of natural resources, do you mean ‘distributing’ these natural resources to the fisherfolk? If so, thinking about it, the “distribution” will be another problem in itself that will definitely be hard to resolve- just like the endless distribution issues that surround Hacienda Luisita.

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