Small Scale “Progress”

To be completely frank, we are still in the process of researching for our designated project in Tambuyog Development Center. In short, we haven’t made as much progress as we should have by now. But in between trying to understand the seemingly foreign topics being introduced to us and all the discomfort that comes with actually trying to apply the concepts we learn in our course, I realized the relevance of these non-government agencies and how much of a difference they actually make. Tambuyog is focused on improving the lives of marginalized small scale fisheries. They are all about looking at the bigger picture, the effects of the industry and those involved, not just the general economic development of the country due to the fishing industry.

The project assigned to us is focused on inclusive growth, particularly. We were tasked to do a comparative study on whether  Tambuyog’s or RSBSA’s method in measuring inclusive growth is more effective. We are to research on the different poverty indicators as well and find out whether the small scale fisheries benefit from the said “impressive” growth in our GDP last year. Such a research holds so much relevance to our course because it seems to deal with equitable distribution and such issues. This perspective gives me more incentive to do better with the project assigned to us because I would also want to find out by how much these small scale fisheries profit for all the hard labor they provide every day, and to think they did contribute to the said growth in GDP, no matter how small. As our research continues I hope to find out more about this crisis and contribute even the least bit to making the lives of these people much better.

Ma. Bianca Ysabelle C. Kit

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