It has been known that our country is rich in natural resources, one of which is the mineral resources. True enough, there are more mining companies around our country than what we are made aware of, both small scale and large scale. As seen on news programs, we know that mining activities are greatly opposed by the communities around them due to it being the cause of landslides, chemical discharges on water resources and destruction of land resources. Some people, myself included, are naive to some issues regarding mining activities like ; are communities living around these sites compensated for the damage that they are experiencing? If known that these mining activities cause damage and destruction, are the companies making a way to suppress the unwanted effects? Are the benefits of mining greater than its harm it is causing for it to operate even with opposition?

           This semester for CWTS 2 my group was assigned to Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM). It aims to lessen large scale mining across the country. It opened me to new knowledge about what happens around the mining sector like for example how little their produce contributes to the economy (GDP) while it results to grave damages to resources and settlements around it. During the past meetings we also attended a forum in the Congress that dealt with the arguments of indigenous people regarding mining in their native land and other issues. We were made aware of how the rights of indigenous people are violated due to companies building infrastructures on their communities. Our stay in ATM was so far interesting as it has brought in us a very significant and basic weapon to fighting issues about mining ; awareness. 

Patricia Andres 


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