Learning by Experiencing

                The start of the 2nd semester of the CWTS was us being assigned to different NGO’s. The first thing that came into my head was the thought of which NGO I was going to be assigned and what would our group do together with the NGO. I had hoped that it wouldn’t be that much work and that it would be a worthwhile experience for me.

                 Our group was assigned to Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), which was an NGO that aims to lessen mining in the Philippines and help the indigenous people that are affected in the different mining sites. After we were oriented by the NGO, I was very relieved and excited to know that we would be doing a fieldwork in different mining sites in Luzon because I prefer to work outside the four corners of the room than learning from lectures or doing paper works inside the room.

                So far, my experience with ATM is very interesting. Interesting in a way that it exposes us to different things, such as a forum with the different indigenous groups that were affected by mining. These are experiences that I would not learn inside the four corners of the room. 


Ervin Hilado



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