Love in the time of Debt

It was the first day of our CWTS2 class. I was a bit anxious in entering the auditorium. Mainly because I did not know what to expect since people said that Econ CWTS is now conducted differently. And it really is not like before. Instead of preparing for a culminating activity at the end of the semester, we are interning in different Non-Government Organizations, one of which is the Freedom from Debt Coalition.

We started with getting to know each other, just like any other relationship. My fellow interns and I introduced ourselves and the FDC coordinators did the same. We set our expectations and moved on to a deeper discussion of what the organization is about. Freedom from Debt Coalition is a nationwide multi-sectoral, non-sectarian and pluralist coalition conducting policy advocacy work and campaigns to realize a common framework and agenda for economic development (FDC website). What they aim to achieve is freedom from control of debt. They have different programs addressing five different topics, namely debt & public finance, water, power, climate and women & gender.

As the weeks passed by, I spent more and more hours with FDC.  I had the chance to experience some NGO work. One time, we looked into the debts of the country. We traced the countries to which the loans were owed to. And then it hit me. I knew that the Philippines owed money to different entities, but after seeing such a long list of debts which had a font size as small as the fine prints at the back of juice boxes, I realized what FDC is fighting for.

Today, I’m learning more of what FDC is doing and I think I’m falling for it.


Phoebe S. San Luis, 2010-14367


One thought on “Love in the time of Debt

  1. Title reminds me of GGM’s Love in the Time of Cholera. That’s good to hear; I feel you in some way. I just hope that next year’s activities would also be streamlined to utilize what each and every one of us has contributed.

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