Grow in wisdom, for the benefit of others

Little ways are of course very significant, and when accumulated, it would turn into one great action. This was the lesson ‘Pondo ng Pinoy’ taught me, and I remembered it when I visited Jose Fabella Center, a place housing some of the Yolanda victims.

When I went there last December 30, the guard and one of the people from Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) told me that the center had a full schedule for visitors intending to share a bit of happiness in the form of various activities. On that day, FDC was only squeezed in the center’s schedule for a gift-giving activity. I honestly don’t know how many families were there, but FDC prepared 50 gift packs consisting of two pillows and other hygienic products given in singles.

FDC wasn’t able to meet all the Yolanda victims. I’m not exactly sure why, but my guess is that the 50 gift packs were not enough for everyone. It would be a bit cruel to those who will not be able to receive. They more or less had the same needs, after all.

I actually salute those who help with whatever they can, even little things. But, as I imagine how many groups of people doing the same, giving random things in singles, I can’t help but be saddened at how the opportunity was not maximized.

They had the resources, but those weren’t distributed as efficiently as possible.

I wish there was some sort of community organization amongst the donators. So that instead of singles, they could purchase more in packs and give more in packs. With all the aid they collected or could collect, they could be more precise in giving what is highly needed. I know it’s a bit hard, but with generous hearts, it’s possible.  (They could even collect data or stats to what is actually needed)

It’s time to learn, and be wise. By wisdom, I mean not repeating the same mistake of inefficiency. This time around though, gaining wisdom is not merely for our own growth as a person, but a need to better help our fellow citizens.


By Dianne Christelle S. Argamosa, 2012-03335



3 thoughts on “Grow in wisdom, for the benefit of others

  1. I have good news! The gift packs that the FDC distributed were actually sufficient, and the reason why they didn’t move on to the next building for the distribution, was that the building contained a mix of groups, not only those devastated by the Yolanda.

    However, my stand on aiding will not change. It will be more sufficient if people teamed up to help. 🙂

  2. It is nice to hear that efforts have been made to help out the Yolanda victims, to the point that inaccessibility will never be an excuse for not reaching out. It is true that it would be more efficient and helpful if they somehow found a way to determine the needs of the victims. That would be ideal but doing so would also be challenging, and I think their reason for not doing so might be because it would require data gathering, which might take a longer time compared to the act of donating itself (which is more urgent). 😀

  3. This reminded me of the relief operations (conducted in UP Diliman for the Yolanda victims) that I’ve participated in. 🙂 Indeed, little ways of helping are collectively one great action 😀

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