Recently, the movie adaptation of Catching Fire, the second book of The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, had been a hit to many, especially to us teens. With the plot twists, special effects and the story itself, we were left mesmerized and stunned.

But looking beyond the screen, maybe Catching Fire is not just a make-believe story or a Science fiction film. I see a certain connection between the movie/book and the situation of the real world today.

Injustice. This is the main theme of the trilogy. The story revolved around this and how the main character, Katniss Everdeen, fought to overcome this injustice present in the fragmented society where she and her loved ones lived.

Coups, revolutions, rebellions. These words are not new to us, especially to UP students. Katniss led the rebellion against the Capitol, against the inequality in her society. She had been through a lot of hardships but in the end, she got what she wanted – a peaceful life and the end of the Hunger Games, the start of equality – though she may have lost some of her loved ones during the process.

Hope and bravery. These are what I got from reading the trilogy and from watching the first two film adaptations. With these two, the main characters overcame whatever was on their way to attain what they wanted and that is freedom.

At present, where injustice prevails and where wars are here and there, hope and bravery are two things that we should all have.

The Hunger Games Trilogy is not just a literary work to be read and adored or movies to be watched and admired, these should be reflected upon because these serve as mirrors to what our society looks like today.


-Elizabeth Y. Borromeo




  1. I love Catching Fire! I appreciate the elaboration made on the connection between the big screen and the bigger picture reality. I also think that the more important question and point to be made is how it will transcend the theatres and translate to our society. Will it be just another hit that will be written off once again in the dusty hall of fame of the world for us to aspire but never really be inspired to take action? Because the way I see it and the more reason to love Jennifer Lawrence, is that she lives and breathes an overlapping air with Katniss’ ideals the way an individual could try and change or even shape the world.

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