Violence is everywhere in the world. It is something that is hard to eliminate from the system of our country and even in our own personal system. It occurs when there are insecurities, fear, grievances and deprivation.  It happens when one think of himself as inferior compared to others. It happens when a person or a group of people use their power to destroy or even to kill other people. In a sense, violence is any kind of behaviour, act, attitude, policy, law or condition whether it is physical, emotional, verbal, social, institutional, structural or spiritual that destroys, diminishes, discriminates or dominates ourselves and the others.

Generally, there are three kinds of violence. These are direct, structural, and cultural violence. Just a brief distinction of the three kinds of violence: direct violence occurs when physical force like killing, torture, rape or sexual abuse is used; structural violence is the violence among groups, classes, genders, nationalities, and others; and lastly, cultural violence is the existing beliefs and attitudes that we know, way back when we were young, about the power and the different examples of violence in our society and environment. 

An example of a structural violence is a scenario wherein gay people or homosexuals are not given the same right, privilege and respect as compared to those of heterosexuals. Even without knowing the person, just by merely looking at the fact that he is gay, the other person immediately judged him as someone who is not normal or inferior compared to others. That is why he is not given the chance to prove himself and because other people are close minded when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

According to one survey, gay and lesbian people have higher records of committing suicide compared to other youths. This evidently implies that because they feel that they do not belong in the society, they just end up their misery by torturing themselves or even worse, by killing themselves. In other African countries, homosexuals are said to be usually sent to labor camps and in other countries like Somalia, men and women who have the quality of being homosexuals are commonly executed in public. How can they possibly do these things to such innocent people? How can their conscience take to kill or discriminate people based on their stupid belief that homosexuality is filthy and gay people are paedophiles? When in fact, it is still reported that a large percentage of heterosexual males still commit the crime of molestation and not the gay individuals. All these violence and discrimination of homosexuals happen because of the stereotype belief in our society that it is taboo, the traditional family norm and the belief that it is immoral to be gay. With this, homosexuals are having problems with getting married, obtaining jobs, having education, giving education, and most importantly: adoption of children. Another example of discrimination is that when heterosexual couples show their affection in public, it is normal and no one cares or stares on them. But when to men or two women hold hands or give a hug on each other, the reaction of most people is that “they are so gross.” What is wrong with them?  Why can’t homosexuals have all the same rights heterosexuals have?

Judging someone because of his/her sexual orientation is not reasonable. Everyone needs to be open when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. Parents, teachers and students should be matured enough to understand that being gay or lesbian is just fine and nothing harms you when you accept who they are and you start to be happy for them. Besides, we are all people. Homosexuals are also ordinary people who just happen to fall in love with the same sex. Everyone needs to show their affection to someone whom they love. Homosexuals also need to show their affections like any other couples out there. What we can do to stop this violence is to work together to accept the unaccepted. We should not forget that love is love; it can’t be changed nor dictated. We are all humans.




One thought on “Violence

  1. For me, there should be gender equality in our society. I see no harm with that. In fact, some LGBT are more successful than straight people.

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