Thoughts on the Philippines

I definitely would want to leave.

I know being an “iskolar ng bayan” equates to “serving the people” right after graduation, but who would want to “serve” a country where your very own, so-called, “public servants” pocket tax money. I wouldn’t let these animals (sorry for the very harsh adjective) to even touch a single centavo on my hard earned money in the future. This may be getting too harsh, but we have to face the reality. The news report about brain drain, capital flight and what not because for these very reasons. Companies in the Philippines don’t really pay well compared to work abroad. They have better working conditions and benefits. What is there not like?

I know what you’re thinking — I’m from UP and I should stay in the country because our countrymen didn’t subsidize my education for me to just leave. But should I sacrifice my future just for me to be able to do “something” for our country?

Maybe. Maybe not, but one thing’s for sure, I haven’t lost ALL hope yet.


Erwin Mate 2012-30127


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Philippines

  1. Succinct but full of thought. Honestly, I feel like the thought that if you are an Iskolar ng Bayan, you should “serve the country” is an ancient one. As it is now, this country is a mess. It turns a lot of people (myself included) off from sacrificing possibly better opportunities just for the chance to give back to the country.

    It’s misguided. You can give back to the country without working in it. OFWs are abroad. Do you think they’d be more efficient if they worked here in the country? Certainly not. If anything, they would be nothing but deadweight, forced to take on mundane household activities without being given an opportunity to exhibit the skills that they learned in college. I’d rather work in a country that appreciates my skills and THEN give back to the country rather than stay underemployed or worse, unemployed in my homeland.

    • Thanks Lyon! As much as we would want to think it is an ancient one, it is still a common perception for UP graduates. Take a look at the Intrarmed program of UP-PGH. Their graduates are tied with the hospital for 5 years. A breach of contract would cost the student roughly around 2 million pesos. Crazy.

      I guess it all comes to a person’s perspective? Haha

  2. Being an Iskolar ng Bayan is different from Iskolar ng Bayan. You are the master of your faith and a captain to your soul. You are old enough to decide where to work. For me, even though you chose to go abroad, i do hope you will still help your mother country. 🙂

    • Definitely! Although, some professors do insist as “UP grads” to refrain from migration and brain drain. Like what I’ve said we can’t blame these people for searching for greener pastures.

      Of course! I think OFWs are one of the primary reasons why our economy’s afloat!

  3. I used to tell everyone I will stay here to serve the country, but as time goes by I’m losing reasons to stay. People leave for self-preservation, I guess.

    But either way, we help the country.

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