The Need for Martyrs

Why do we need martyrs?  Is it really necessary for only a select group of people to die or sacrifice themselves for a supposed greater cause? Why can’t there be a collective contribution in this aspect? Wouldn’t it be better if the entire community supporting or involved in their cause contribute to the said cause equally?

All is supposed to be fair share in the game. It is really sad if a person is chosen to go and die for the sake of many. The many should band together for the sake of that person and for themselves. One burden shouldn’t be left to be carried alone on the shoulders of a single person. If the many from before have strived for more than just a simple write-off of a person, even out of respect or just for the sake of the greater good, and came up with a better solution than sacrifice, then the lives of those martyrs could’ve been spared.

– Audrey Agustin


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