The Cooler Shade

During summer, what do people crave for when out in the open other than cold snacks and cool refreshments, especially for those who have the unfortunate chance of not being able to afford those when they want to? They want shade. They want respite from the heat that the rays of the hot blazing sun provide. Not only that, they try to avoid the hot humid air that comes along with it.

So here’s the main question, where to get that shade. Well, since we’re in the city, it’s easy to find those in the shadows of tall buildings, under the roof of a waiting shed, or better yet, under the shade of a tree.

Why is the shade of a tree better? It is because you can’t have the same soothing and somewhat cooler feeling that you’ll have when under the previous two mentioned. Maybe it has to do with its leaves, or the air around it, since it gives oxygen. But whatever the reason is, it is obvious trees are a better choice.

– Audrey Agustin


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